Chronological synopsis of: date – place – people’s names – event

lc347 still

This site has been created to share publicly the contents of  Police Records from early Launceston, Tasmania that are catalogued as LC347 in the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office (TAHO), Hobart.


Due to the large quantity of records, this is best quickly achieved on this site by providing only a brief synopsis of each record: date, place, people’s names, event. This  synopsis work is being undertaken since March 2014 in order to complement MS3251 – the partner-records of LC347. MS3251 (Manuscript 3251) are held in 9 bound volumes in the Manuscript section of the National Library of Australia. Those volumes were transcribed  and uploaded in 2009 on this sister-site:

This brief outline work has only just begun…  Ideally making this site public now/early will encourage me to continue this mammoth synopsis/outline transcribing task to its conclusion  !…..  THUS, it would be especially excellent, and much faster an outcome,  if anyone (plural!) wants to also undertake this synopsis-transcribing in  person in the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office (TAHO) in Hobart.

History Room, TAHO, 2nd Floor, (*go through microfilm room) State Library of Tasmania, 91 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000.  Mon – Fri: 9.30 am  – 6.00 pm +  Sat: 9.30 am – 2.00 pm

LC347 is filed in the following boxes  eg: request LC347/1/36, etc  =  as Items in Series :

LC347/1/1  01 Nov 1823 31 Aug 1825
LC347/1/2  01 Sep 1825 30 Sep 1826
LC347/1/3  01 Oct 1826 31 Dec 1827
LC347/1/4  01 Jan 1828 31 Aug 1829
LC347/1/5  01 Oct 1829 30 Jun 1830
LC347/1/6  01 Jul 1830 31 Dec 1830
LC347/1/7  01 Jan 1831 31 Oct 1831
LC347/1/8  01 Jan 1832 31 Jul 1832
LC347/1/9  01 Aug 1832 31 Aug 1833
LC347/1/10  01 Sep 1833 31 Jul 1834
LC347/1/11  01 Aug 1834 31 Mar 1835
LC347/1/12  01 Apr 1835 30 Sep 1835
LC347/1/13  01 Oct 1835 29 Feb 1836
LC347/1/14  01 Mar 1836 18 Jun 1836
LC347/1/15  21 Jun 1836 31 Oct 1836
LC347/1/16  01 Nov 1836 28 Feb 1837
LC347/1/17  01 Mar 1837 30 Jun 1837
LC347/1/18  01 Jul 1837 30 Nov 1837
LC347/1/19  18 Nov 1837 06 Mar 1838
LC347/1/20  07 Mar 1838 20 Apr 1838
LC347/1/21  21 Apr 1838 20 Jun 1838
LC347/1/22  21 Jun 1838 23 Aug 1838
LC347/1/23  24 Aug 1838 15 Oct 1838
LC347/1/24  16 Oct 1838 20 Dec 1838
LC347/1/25  21 Dec 1838 20 Mar 1839
LC347/1/26  21 Mar 1839 31 May 1839
LC347/1/27  01 Jun 1839 16 Aug 1839
LC347/1/28  17 Aug 1839 31 Oct 1839
LC347/1/29  01 Nov 1839 31 Jan 1840
LC347/1/30  01 Feb 1840 30 Jun 1840
LC347/1/31  01 Jul 1840 30 Sep 1840
LC347/1/32  01 Oct 1840 31 Jan 1841
LC347/1/33  01 Feb 1841 31 Mar 1841
LC347/1/34  01 Mar 1869 30 Apr 1869
LC347/1/35  01 Apr 1841 30 Apr 1841
LC347/1/36  01 Dec 1841 31 Dec 1841
LC347/1/37  01 Oct 1853 31 Dec 1853

If anyone undertakes this, please email me any of the brief details  you’ve transcribed – heading each with folder “month-year” (these papers are sorted into manila folders – one for each month/year) – then I will add them onto this site quickly (so no overlapping work occurs), and will credit your name/s for each section.  Perhaps start at the end of the series and work backwards folder by folder – because I have now started at the beginning and am moving forwards.(?).  Also, please let me know if I have misspelt any names/words or if there are alternative spellings I should include.
Julie Gough, Hobart, 2014

Series Number: LC347
Title: Informations and Depositions taken before Justices of the Peace
Creating agency: TA1061 Launceston Magistrates court
Start date: 01 November 1823
End date: 31 December 1853 (* There are no documents between 1841 and 1853)



NOV-DEC 1823


1823_11_22 = 22 Nov 1823 – Launceston – Constable George LAWSON, Constable George CAMPBELL, Mag. PA MULGRAVE

1823_12_2 = 2 Dec 1823 – late William H BROWN – CAMERON

JAN—FEB 1824


Nd – Launceston – Constable Joseph CANBAY (CANBY) – Mr BARNES the Brewer – Robert THOMAS – overseer Mr ROBINSON – Constable MORT ? –

Torn page

1824_1_2 = 2 Jan 1824 – Launceston – Edward FRENCH – William TITMUS – DUGMORE – Joseph STONE a sawyer in public works

1824_1_5 = 5 Jan 1824 and 1823_27_12_ = 27 Dec 1823 – Launceston – Thomas WILLIAMS – Mr Reibey/ Mr REIBY – Richard HARDMAN – PA Mulgrave

1824_1_15 = 15 Jan 1824 – Launceston – John MONKS – Laughlin WHYTE / Laughlan Whyte – Captain PAYNEs overseer

1824_1_13 = 13 Jan 1824 – George Town / Launceston – stolen watch – John Pollard – Mark WILSON – John SMITH – Phillip FROWDE ? – George HACKING – PA MULGRAVE

1824_1_16 = 16 Jan 1824 – Launceston – his stolen cattle – William BASHAM – PA MULGRAVE

1824_1_19 = 19 Jan 1824 – Launceston – Mrs and Mr Thomas THOMPSON – tea and sugar stolen – Charles GILROY – William BRETTAUGH

1824_1_20 – 20 Jan 1824 – Launceston – John JACOBS – Samuel PORTER struck him – PA MULGRAVE

1824_1_30 = 30 Jan 1824 – Launceston – William THOMPSON – John BLANCHARD his master struck him – John FINCH a free man witness – PA MULGRAVE

1824_2_15 = 15 Feb 1824 – Bagdad – Matthew MCMAHON – re trusty John Cavenagh assigned servant carrier – endorsed by Patrick WOOD – R? Horne – John STIRLING – Alexander REID

1824_2_3 = 3 Feb 1824 – Launceston – Thomas Cookson SIMPSON – re: 24/12/1823 – Robert BOYDE Wheelwright carpenter absentee – PA MULGRAVE

1824_2_12 = 12 Feb 1824 – Launceston – Henry BROWN assigned servant to – Michael FITZGERALD – MF killed a black bull marked WH – HB carried it to Captain PAYNE farm to overseer Laughlin WHYTE – PA Mulgrave

1824_2_13 = 13 Feb 1824 – Launceston – James METCALF carpenter and builder – apprentice James RICHARDSON absentee – at Mr LETTE farm – PA MULGRAVE

MARCH 1824


1824_3_29 = 29 March 1824 – Launceston – Mrs Eliza FITZALLEN w/signature – Maria BLINKWORTH broke her necklace and hit her – PA MULGRAVE

1824_3_1 = 1 March 1824 – Launceston – Matthew Cooper w/signature – Master was Mr PATTEN – PATTEN hit and kicked Cooper due to Cooper’s wife’s attitude – Mr LAWSON chief constable – Mag. H SIMPSON (JG: Is this PATON ?)

1824_3_2 = 2 March 1824 – Launceston – Matthew COOPER w/signature – went to former master PATTEN for belongings – Mrs PATTEN threw them burnt out window at him and tried to hit Cooper with a clothes horse – PA MULGRAVE

1822_10_14 = 14 Oct 1822 to 1823_4_15 = 15 April 1823 – Launceston – Estate of Late Edward COX to William FENTON – herding of cattle bill – £45:5:0

1824_3-6 = 6 March 1824 – Launceston – William FENTON memorial – re: cattle herding bill payment due from COX estate – FENTON in gaol

1824_3_23 = 23 March 1824 – Launceston – Captain Henry MOON c/signature – Brig ANN – Samuel LAUDEN ? – Samuel STEWART – Thomas TUCKER – seamen on the ANN in Launceston from Hobart and onto Sydney – refuse to obey orders – PA MULGRAVE

[corner torn off]

1824_3_30 = 30 March 1824 – Launceston – Constable John GARDINER (his mark) – re: Mr LYFORD cart – timber from Mr DANIEL wharf to LYFORD residence – re: LYFORD cart not lic. – PA MULGRAVE

1824_3_30 = 30 March 1824 – Launceston – David ROBERTS w/signature – re: Captain Henry MOON – ROBERTS ex steward of Brig ANN – in Launceston next onto Hobart and onto Sydney – last saw Ann in Hobart bound for PD – ROBERTS wanted passage to Sydney and wages or discharge – MOON didn’t comply – PA MULGRAVE

1824_3_30 = 30 March 1824 – Launceston – Constable John GARDINER (his mark) – re: Saw James THOMAS riding in cart without reins – PA MULGRAVE

1824_3_30 = 30 March 1824 – Launceston – Constable John GARDINER (his mark) – re: William SPRINGFIELD with cart, 4 bullocks, no reins – PA MULGRAVE

1824_3_30 = 30 March 1824 – Launceston – Constable John GARDINER (his mark) – re: Joseph NOCK riding cart without reins – PA MULGRAVE

APRIL 1824


1824_4_0 = April 1824 – Launceston – John BRYANT – employed on farm of Messrs RIELY and WALKER / REILLY ? – Andrew BIRRELL in Launceston is agent – BIRRELL refuses to pay for BRYANT reaping work – nd – no Mag signature – dismissed

1824_4_20/21 = 20-21 April 1824 – Launceston – Joseph JAMES – re 13 April 1824 – driving with 2 servants flock of 300 sheep on main road – towards cart and bullocks no reins driver called JACKY THE SETTLER who Police Register knows as Thomas SUTCLIFFE– cart owned by Samuel PORTER – no sig – no mag name

1824_4_0 = April ? 1824 – Launceston – Constable Fortune GUILLOIS w/signature – Mr BARNES man Robert THOMAS driving cart with bricks no licence – no final date – no Mag sign.

Other side of same page:

1824_4_0 = April ? 1824 – Launceston – Constable John GARDINER – re: Thomas BURNETT jnr riding cart drawn by 6 bullocks no reins – no final date – no Mag sign.

1824_4_1 = 1 April 1824 – Launceston – convict Samuel HOLLOWAY (his mark) – he deposited a cart of wood for Mr WILLIAMSON – by order of Mr James LYTON – in middle of public road – PA MULGRAVE


same day/page:

Mrs Rebecca WILLIAMSON w/signature – Constable RIELY / REILLY carried away one log and said he would take away all the remainder – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_8 = 8 April 1824 – Launceston – Mrs Jane HOOPER (her mark) – saw 17/3/1824 three men near Mr Fawkner’s house – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_12 = 12 April 1824 – Millwood Dale – WC LEITH w/signature – letter re: W LAWSON a constable has sent in Andrew WINCHESTER crown servant again John? CORFIELD / CAULFIELD? Conveyed stolen property into LEITH house – WINCHESTER had been sent to LEITH by W HEYTON ? Norfolk Plains for a load of wheat – WINCHESTER took HEYTONS items to LEITH house – went mr HORTLE hut to find items – Hortle servant Barney MCLAUGHLIN said bought razor from WINCHESTER – razor now to LAWSON

1824_4_18 = 18 April 1824 – Launceston – William PHILLIPS (his X mark) – was ploughing Oct 1823 for James HILL at Patterson Plains – plough stolen out of yard – iron work produced from stolen plough – PA MULGRAVE


David WILLIAMS (signed) district constable – iron delivered by John THOMAS TOL to James HILL 3 weeks ago and other two pieces in house where THOMAS lives this morning – HILL says he bought them 12 mo ago from WILSON who lived at HILL farm _PA MULGRAVE


1824_4_28 = 28 April 1824 – Launceston – William RADLEY – blacksmith for Mr PHILLIPS – mended the plough – no work for THOMAS_PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_15 = 15 April 1824 – Launceston – complaint by Duncan MCKENZIE (signature) ssigned servant to George William BARNARD re: bean picking – kicked by BARNARD who threatened Mr STONEHOUSE would take MCKENZIE to constable – requesting new master – decided

1824_4_19 = 19 April 1824 – Launceston – Connor ROURKE (his X mark) re indentured apprentice Charles WILLIAMS w/ 2 years left absconded residing with father Charles WILLIAMS at the Red Bank – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_2 = 2 April 1824 – Launceston – Mr Henry MOON (signature) complaint – Brig ANN – Thomas TUCKER seaman confined in prison due to improper behavior came aborad vessel today – and said to PATTERSON who had also been in gaol intoxicated “You have been ropes ended, have you” – “more fool you to stand it, we are now returning onboard the starved gutted ship; we have been starved the last 7 days in gaol”.

I desired the mate to set TUCKER to work; TUCKER said that he would not, that there was a man working on board in his room. Considering this conduct of the said TUCKER to be contumacious and of a mutinous tendensey I pray that justice may be done – PA MULGRAVE – decided

1824_4_20 = 20 April 1824 – Launceston – Mr Henry MOON (signature) – Tuesday last heard Timothy QUIN of Patersons Plains assert he would do Mr P LETTER of Launceston some grievous bodily harm – and that he would not mind being hung upon the highest gallows in the Country for Mr LETTE – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_22 = 22 April 1824 – Launceston – JC SIMPSON (Signature) – was on farm of Timothy QUIN Patersons Plains when he made abusive language towards Mr LETTE – brandished a pitchfork – that he would show him some sport – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_22 – 22 April 1824 – Launceston – info of Peter LETTE (signature) – QUIN has threatened to kill me or do some grievous bodily harm – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_22 = 22 April 11824- Launceston – complaint of Thomas BESWICK (signature) – assigned servant to Hugh MUNRO – master seized me by the collar and attempted to put me on the fire – struck me – first – dragged me out of bed – kicked me – threatened to knock my brains out – James CUNNINGHAM was in the house – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_22 = 22 April 1824 – Launceston – Mr Nathaniel LUCAS – native Boy FRIDAY – George WALLER – David KELLY  – PA MULGRAVE


Mr WH BROWN (signature) – Launceston – Mr PARISH – sloop WILLIAM and ANN – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_22 = 22 April 1824 – Launceston – Constable Edward BURKE and Thomas JOHNSON constables – 4 o clock Tuesday 20 April we saw James DUNN riding cart without reins – signed Edward Burke and Thos Jhonson [sic] – PA MULGRAVE

+ other side

Info of Thomas JOHNSON – 11 oclock 21 April saw car with wheat at Wharf property of William GIBBONS of Norfolk Plains – no licence for cart of GIBBONS –

Signed – Thos Jhonson [sic]

1824_4_20 = 20 April 1824 – Thomas JOHNSON – 4 oclock 9 April saw Thomas COLLICOT riding bullock cart no reins – signed Thos Jhonson – PA MULGRAVE

+ other side

Info of John MORT – Launceston -(his X mark ) a constable sat morning 10 April 11 oclock – saw Mr YATE’s son driving cart and bullocks loaded with flour – unnumbered cart – Mr Edward YATES- Mort vs Yates

1824_4_24 = 24 April 1824 – Launceston – info/complaint of John SCHOFIELD (his x mark) – prisoner of the crown – lent during late harvest to Nathaniel ASKETH if Norfolk Plains – worked 1 month – ASKETH promised payment in wheat – Mrs SMITH farm owner by whom SCHOFIELD employed refused to let any wheat off the farm until her rent Is paid – PA MULGRAVE – settled

1824_4_27 = 27 April 1824 – Launceston – info of George LUCAS (signature) – some time before xmas 1823 Connor ROURKE of Norfolk Plains requested I call at house of John AUSTIN and enquire after his apprentice Charles WILLIAMS – WILLIASM was not there – this was about 3 weeks after ROURKE went first to live with William FLINT at Norfolk Plains – PA MULGRAVE

+ other side

Info of William Flint (his x mark) – Freeman residing at Norfolk Plains – Connor Rourke came to live with me – 3 weeks later Charles WILLIAMS apprentice came lived, ate and rank with his master and fared as well as any one in the family – after 5 weeks ROURKE said WILLIAMS ran away – I never saw any one illtreat WILLIAMS – Connor gave him a new jacket and trousers just before he ran away he also made himself a pair of shoes whilst at my house – PA MULGRAVE

+ other side

Info of Richard KENNY (signature) – Freeman residing at Norfolk Plains – looked for ROURKE’s deserted apprentice Charles WILLIAMS – he had access to food when his master was absent – PA MULGRAVE – decided

1824_4_17 = 27 April 1824 – Launceston – info of Charles TAW (signature Charles Taw Master) commander of the Brig DUKE OF YORK – saith Thomas PAYNE seaman belonging to aid brig on Sat last had permission to go on shore – PAYNE has not returned – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_28 = 28 April 1824 – Launceston – Info of James Scot ODELAND (signature) – employed by Mr MCQUEEN as overseer and superintendent of Labours and mechanic to complete and repair Mr MCQUEENS building at Launceston – John KEARNE a free man was servant by agreement – absent since 19th – PA MULGRAVE – decided

1824_4_23 = 23 April 1824 – Launceston – Info of Andrew BARCLAY (signature) esquire – David DAVIS my assigned servant told him 42 pigs had been taken out of the sty on my farm at TRAFALGAR previous night – tracked them to a hill occupied by Joseph GRAY – TOL – track lost – visited GRAY – him away several there incl. Mrs GRAY – GRAY came said he’d not seen anything – his hair and clothes were wet and appearance of been in bush all night – David DAVIS – X? ARNOLD and X? BOOTH also assigned servants returned with 15 of largest pigs – found in rough pig sty – other 27 pigs returned during the day –PA MULGRAVE

+ other side

David DAVIS sworn – went with William ARNOLD and Edward BOOTH – followed three men – one dog – ¼ mi from GRAY founds pigs – description of bush sty – about ten minutes before found the pigs met William GIBBS employed in road gang at he punt with 2 dogs who said he’d seen no pigs – GIBBS then admitted he’d seen a mand named William RUDD go from near that place to Benjamin GRAYS house – then took pigs and GIBBS to my master’s house – PA MULGRAVE

+ other side

Info of William ARNOLD (his X mark) assigned servant to Captain Andrew BARCLAY – stolen pigs

+ other side

William BOOTH sworn – (his X mark) assigned servant to Captain Andrew BARCLAY

1824_4_28 = 28 April 1824 – Launceston – info of William TUFFNELL (his X mark ) – I am bailiff to Mr LETTE over some wheat distrained on the 13th instant and sold yesterday by public auction / on LETTE farm rented and occupied by Timothy QUIN for Mr Andrew BIRRELL as highest bidder at auction – Richard WHITE the auctioneer – Mr HILL re wheat wants to complain re QUIN – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_28 = 28 April 1824 – Launceston – Peter LETTE (signature) – re Timothy QUIN of North Esk owes me £100 for rent – all wheat destrained from farm – Richard WHITE as LETTE agent in sale – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_29 = 29 April 1824 – Launceston – John MORT (his X mark) and Thomas ETHERINGTON (his X mark) – re Sunday evening 25 April 10pm – saw John JACOBS sell and deliver a pint of rum to Edward MURDOCK [Edward MURDOCH] paid silver dollar – Constable ETHERINGTON drank a part of said rum – no licence granted to John JACOBS – PA MULGRAVE – decided


1824_5_29 = 29 May 1824 – Launceston – affidavit of John TAIT (signature) – his carpenters axe stolen – JH SIMPSON

1824_4_29 = 29 April 1824 – Launceston – info of John SMITH (signature) – Joseph GRAY is tenant to me at farm at the SPRINGS – GRAY indebted to me one year rent £50 – not good sufficient – cart and 2 bullocks removed to Timothy DALEY farm who has promised them to Richard WHITE = SMITH agent – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_30 = 30 April 1824 – Launceston – info of James LIDDY (his X mark) – convict employed in the public works – went to house of Patrick MULCAHY with William OLIVER and James WESTWOOD – two pots of and pint of beer served by Mrs MULCAHY paid half a crown – PA MULGRAVE

+ other side

Info of William OLIVER (his X mark) – on Sunday previous to the inquest of body of Judith MURPHY I believe 4th instant – was at house of Patrick MULCAHY with James LIDDY and James WESTWOOD. Several others also drinking – PA MULGRAVE

1824_4_30 = 30th April 1824 – Launceston – info of John HYLLER (signature) – I am second officer of the Brig ANN – about 19th April man named William LAWRENCE convict assigned to mr JAMES of George Town same opposite the said Brig ANN and asked if ring of keys in his hand belonged to Capt. MOON – I said yes – he said when MOON paid him he would get them and he’d be at BROWNS near wharf – MOON came later – LAWRENCE took keys to masters farm – PA MULGRAVE – decided

MAY 1824


1824_5_29 = 29 MAY 1824 – Launceston – info of Isabella MCKENNA (her X mark ) – 27th May 9pm I went to Mr WADDLES for some rum – on return met a prisoner (Edward FOX) opposite Mr WHITES – asked me if I would purchase as article – a gown – I gave him 8 / 9 pence – would bring more for $4 – 7 yards of superfine cloth from Mr WILLIAMS store – about 8 weeks ago the prisoner offered me some black silk handkerchiefs and a night cap – six sh each for handkerchiefs – 2/6 for cap – JC SIMPSON

+ continued

Launceston – John GARDINER (his X mark ) – constable – I lodge in same house with Isabella MCKENNA – who shewed me the gown – I took the gown conceived it could be from house of Thomas MANNING – JC SIMPSON – decided

1824_5_26 – Launceston – Sarah ATKINSON (her X mark) – I had 33 head of cattle running in Mr HILLS herd – the hide is one of mine – the animal extremely tame and frequently following me about – JC SIMPSON

+ info of John BARRETT (his X mark) – I am assigned servant to Timothy DALEY and reside at Paterson Plains – I have charge of masters cattle running at IVORY’S BITE 4 mi from masters house – + three strange head in herd + heifer supposed to belong to Mr HILL – drove them towards HILL farm – on return saw John BURKE during his working bullocks towards the 3 head of cattle which I had turned out of masters herd – William EVANS who resides in same hut – was out BURKE said at DALEYS farm – EVANS returned changed clothes – sharpened knife – cattle ran – two blows – BURKE returned with entrails and hind quarter then 2nd quarter into skilling – returned with EVANS and forequarter into skilling – then head and hide – I asked for hide – they dug hole for cask of meat – BARRETT went and reported to constable WILLIAMS – JC SIMPSON

1824_5 = May 1824 – Launceston – BURKE vs FITZALEN – Info/complaint of Edmund BURKE constable – walking with constable FLEMING near house of Thomas PALMER – saw man running away – chased – returned to PALMER house found MRS FITZALLEN said she’d been robbed of trifling things – BURKE said was their job to look after it – Mrs FITZALLEN ‘then called us a scamping set of thieves and said we had committed the robbery ourselves and immediately struck me twice” – dismissed

1824_5 = May 1824 – KNIGHT vs LUCAS – info/complaint of John KNIGHTS (signature) – re 21 May passing near Dr CAMERONS New building a man struck me on head – knocked hat off – it was Nathaniel LUCAS who again struck me several times with his fist – I asked why – he said “what do you do here” and immediately made off – LUCAS has no just reason to assault me – mag? – decided

1824_5_1 = 1 May 1824 – Launceston – info/complaint of John EVANS (his X mark) – I am prisoner holding TOL – yesterday I was left in charge of bullock/cart by Constable JOHNSON on farm of Timothy DALEY – DALEY returned and told me to leave – struck me with large stick on side of head – PA MULGRAVE

1824_5_1 = 1 May 1824 – Launceston – info/complaint of Andrew BIRRELL – re June last – William TITMOUSE bricklayer and plasterer – has neglected his duty – PA MULGRAVE – warrant

1824_5_3 = 3 May 1824 – Launceston – George Archer (signature) – 5-6 months ago I exchanged some boots for shoes with Richard BAKER – we were thenboth in service of William KENWORTHY – one pr of boots was given me by Mr KENWORTHY – PA MULGRAVE

+ more

George LAWSON (signature) chief constable – went to Constable GARDINER to House of Richard BAKER to search for stolen property – BAKER appeared confused – dropped a boot – PA MULGRAVE – decided

1824_5_3 – Launceston – Mr James H REIBEY (signature) – said William GARDINER a swayer [?] did agree to work for me for 21 months from the time of his (Gardiner) arrival at Launceston in the Brig NEREUS on or about the 21st Day of February last the said William GARDINER has absconded about absented himself from my services since the 29th ultimo and has not since that period been working for me according to his agreement, I therefore pray that justice may be done – PA MULGRAVE – decided

1824_5_5 – Launceston – info of George LAWSON Chief Constable (signed) – re Thomas JOHNSON said he’d seized 3 casks of wine or spirits – Mr THOMSON the naval officer was there – said he had a great mind to send Constable Johnson a Prisoner to George Town.

+ other side

Thomas JOHNSON (signed Thos Jhonson) – constable – John MORT and he observed some men rolling 3 casks from wharf towards Gov Store. Mr John SMITH and Peter FoWLER mr SIMPSONS servant was with the casks and appeared to have charge – FOWLER said 2 were brandy and 1 was rum and they belonged to Mr SIMPSON – JOHNSON demanded permit – FOWLER said they had none – MORT and JOHNSON seized 3 casks and marked broad arrow – JOHNSON reported it to LAWSON – THOMSON abused JOHNSON – with SHORTHAND on back synopsis page

1824_5_5 = 5 May 1824 – Launceston – Phillip JOSEPHS (his signature) constable – saw Charles WILLIAMS riving cart/bullocks on Lords day – PA MULGRAVE – decided

1824_5_7 = 7 May 1824 – Launceston – info of Timothy DALEY (signature) – re 25 April am – house broke into bed furniture, blue coat, blue cloth – 6 white calico shirts – three waistcoats – pair of white drill trousers – pair of damask – pair of blue trousers – one black hat – silver watch – stolen – have seen bed furniture in house of John JACOBS – PA MULGRAVE

+ continued

7 May 1824 – chief constable LAWSON and DALEY found items in JACOBS house – furniture bought from Robert Hrm HILL four years ago – PA MULGRAVE

+ continued

John JACOBS (signature) – items brought to my house 6 weeks of two months ago by Matilda WALKER with whom I cohabit received as payment of debt – PA MULGRAVE

+ continued

George LAWSON – found red furniture in JACOBS house – PA MULGRAVE

+ continued

examination of Matilda WALKER now Matilda GARRETT (signed Matilda GARRETT) – I took the pieces of bed furniture in part payment for a watch from a man named William PIGGOTT about 3 months ago – several persons have seen it Ann SYDES and Sarah COX, they helped me make it up – PA MULGRAVE

+ continued

1824_5_7 = 7 May 1824 – Launceston – info of Mrs Judith MURPHY [?] – I am a free person and live with Timothy DALEY at Patersons Plains – Timothy DALEY bought from Mr HILL – Hannah Murphy (her X Mark)

+ continued

1824_5_7 = 7 May 1824 – Launceston – Ann SYDES (her X mark) – the day before st patricks day I assisted Matilda GARRETT to make up the bed furniture now produced – decided

1824_5_8 = 8 May 1824 – Launceston – Phillip JOSEPH (signature) – saw Mr John TOWNSEND riding in cart towards punt – asked TOWNSEND name of cart – no reins – PA MULGRAVE – decided

1824_5_8 = 8 Mary 1824 – Launceston – Thomas FLEMING (his X mark) constable – saw cart/bullocks without reins – George CUMMING free man riding it – Ambrose FLETCHER with FLEMING – PA MULGRAVE – decided

1824_5_8 = 8 May 1824 – Launceston – Phillip JOSEPH (signature) – constable – loaded cart towards punt driven by James BRENNAN said cart belonged to Mr NOWLAND – PA MULGRAVE

+ continued

1824_5_8 = 8 May 1824 – Launceston – Phillip JOSEPH (signature) – constable – cart belonging to Mr NAYLOR – cart neither marked nor numbered –   PA MULGRAVE – Bryan

1824_5_13 = 13 May 1824 – Launceston – info/complaint Humphrey OULTON (his X mark) [Walton?] – rents farm off Peter LETTE at EMU PLAINS – put plough irons near stump – Phillip LEWIS visited yesterday looking for stolen blanker etc – thought at my place – two hours later saw him with plough irons near LETTE new building – PA MULGRAVE – dismissed 26 June – Geo POWELL TL and A WADDLE Free

1824_5_14 = 14 May 1824 – Launceston – Mrs Eliza FITZALLEN (signature) – afffadavit – 30 April in house of Thomas PALMER several article stolen – recognised – PA MULGRAVE

1824_5_17 = 17 May 1824 – Launceston – info/complaint of Donald McLEOD (signature)Esq JP – last sat evening crossing Patersons Plains cart furiously driven by Patrick KEANE without reins – PA MULGRAVE – dismissed

1824_5_12 = 12 May 1824 – Launceston – info/complaint of Thomas HAYES (signature) – overseer of Government cattle – saw 1 Am Constable MORT with ETHERINGTON at his lodgings knocked – MORT accused his of leading a disorderly life and with keeping bad company and would represent my conduct to Mr KENWORTHY – MORT appeared much intoxicated and very quarrelsome

+ continued

info/complaint of Alexander MCNAB (signature) – heard great noise when heading to his lodgings on street near Mr PALMER’S house – MORT and others assembled – MORT intox – gave MORT to 2 constables

+ continued

info/complaint of Peter LETTE – received info this morning re 14 days ago assigned servant named MCCARTHY or DAVIES was sent by constable MORT with two dollars to my house, and offered to buy a quart of rum from Mrs LETTE saying he was Robert LANES servant – MORT fabricated this story to lay information against me for retailing spirits without licence – JC SIMPSON decided – complaints against MORT

1824_5_19 = 19 May 1824 – Launceston – info of Constable CANBY (his X mark) and Constable SAVAGE (signature) – Saw John EDDISTON a settler at Patersons Plains riding in cart with 4bullocks without reins – decided

1824_5_22 = 22 May 1824 – Launceston – Edward MUNRO (signature) re: robbery of his house – MUNRO went with James YATES who lived with me to Mr MCDONALDs on passing house formerly occupied by Benjamin VARDON I met the Prisoner Richard VARDON who told me it was past bell ringing (midnight) “ I had better not go away as I should have 12 and 6 pence to pay” – half hour later – went home – chest robbed – I suspected the prisoner Richard GILL – I called Constable SMITH – went to GILLs – found stolen bread – JC SIMPSON (signature) and D MCLEOD (signature)


Info of James YATES (signature) – re went with Edward MUNRO to Mr MCDONALDs – Richard GILL spoke to MUNRO – (clothes missing described) – – JC SIMPSON (signature) and D MCLEOD (signature)


Info of Charles SMITH constable (his X mark) – MUNRO suspected Richard GILL – we went to Thomas HANNAGANs house where the Prisoner GILL lodges – at back of chimney found the bag which contained Bread, in the garden we found the other bag which was recognized by MUNRO as his property


Edward MUNRO (signature) further states that George DELL picked up one new bag, one book, one pair of gloves, one pair of stockings, one gater, and one handkerchief in the street leading from my House to that of Thomas HANNAGANs – my property


Examination of James LIDDY (his X mark) – I lodge with Richard GILL – in the house of Thomas HANNAGAN – I was not out of the house after duck until the constables came


Examination of Thomas HANNAGAN (his X mark) – GILL came home a little intoxicated – had not left house –       decided

1824_-5_26 = 26 May 1824 – Launceston – Copies of information against Evans and Burke – Info of David WILLIAMS (signature) a constable at Paterson’s Plains – re John BARRETT informed that John BURKE a Labourer and William EVANS had killed a Bullock the night before in the stock yard of Timothy DALEY at Ivory’s Bight – I went to Timothy DALEYs for Constable BROA to accompany me to the stockyard – BROA was not at home – I then went to Mr HILL and John BURKE a shoemaker who accompanied me to the place where informed bullock killed – there found BURKE and EVANS cutting wood –(found meat and hide incl in bag in river) – a bullock chain found by me in box belonging to William EVANS which William SPRINGFIELD a servant to Mr James HILL told me was his master’s property – JC SIMPSON (signature)


Info of William SPRINGFIELD (his X mark) – assigned servant to James HILL of Paterson’s Plains – been in charge of master’s cattle 3 years – some branded / some not – believe HILL has 200 cattle – master kept account himself – some time last harvest James THOMAS was also in my masters employ since employed by Timothy QUIN – Timothy QUIN came and asked my master to loan bullock chain saying James THOMAS had sent him – THOMAS slept on my master premsies at this time – SPRINGFIELD asked for return of the chain – QUIN said he’d bring int back, was in DALEYs cart – this chain appears to be same chain I lent to Timothy QUIN I believe to be property of my master Mr HILL – decided – (Shorthand on back of doc)

1824_5_31 = 31 May 1824 – Launceston – Info of Mr Hugh MUNRO (signature) – premises where I reside was robbed of the following – 5 pair of blankets, 1 watch, about 10£ ? in cash and sundry articles – I have just cause to suspect Charles EDWARDs or some of the inhabitants of his house have secreted the said articles so stolen from my property – JC SIMPSON JP – (back) MUNRO vs EDWARDS for searching Mr EDWARDs house – nothing found


June 1824


1824_6_19 = 19 June 1824 – Launceston – Constable MORT (signature John MORT) – statement suspecting Mr TOWERS having changed a bottle of rum for one of wine – letter to PA MULGRAVE Esq JP Superintendent of Police, Launceston – re 30 April last I was sent to Paterson’s Plains to serve summonses – returned home found bottle of rum missing – which was purchased at Mr TOWERs without a licence – I asked JOHNSON the constable who lives in the same house as me if he knew anything of the bottle of rum I left in the bag of oats behind the ? he told me he did and not to be any way alarmed for Mr TOWERs called him in the evening before and shewed him the bottle of rum telling him as same time that this was the bottle of rum that Constable MOLT had to bring against him in court and that he the said Mr TOWERs had given a bottle of wine to Mr FARSEN (?) the Taylor (tailor) in lieu of it to be put in the same place

1824_4_20 = 20 April 1824 – Launceston – info of constable John MORT (his X mark) and Philip RIELY (Philip REILLY) – re John KEARNE gave Margaret WHITE 12 shillings to purchase some rum – Margaret WHITE went to the House now occupied by Mr James TOWERs and Mr Robert TOWERs and there bought half a gallon of rum and brought it to the house where constable MORT resides in three bottles – Mr James and Robert TOWERS have no licence to sell or vend spirituous liquors in less quantities than two gallons in the aforesaid County …

Aug 1824

1824_8_5 = 5 Aug 1824 – Launceston – info and complaint of William ASHFORD (signature) – Mr William SALTMARSH is indebted to me the sum of £10 being amount of work done on the farm of the said SALTMARSH who promised to pay me in wheat at the rate of ten shillings per bushel – he refused to look at my account and ordered me from his premises – ASHFORD vs SALTMARSH decided October 1824 – Witnesses: George WATSON (signature), Yimram URAM (signature) summonsed before the bench 7th inst. – decided – PA MULGRAVE

1824_8_6 = 6 Aug 1824 – Launceston – info of Constable John GARDINER (his X mark) – yesterday I saw Constable JOHNSON give Isabella WHITTINGHAM two shillings in paper money and 6 pence in copper with an empty bottle and requested her to go to Mr PATTENs and fetch him half a pint of rum – I took the bottle from her – tasted it – gave it to Constable JOHNSON – Mr PATTEN had no licence for retailing spirits – PA MULGRAVE –


Info of Isabella WHITTINGTON (her X mark) – last night went to house of William PATTEN etc – PA MULGRAVE


Thomas JOHNSON (signature Thos Jhonson (sic)) – saith …. Ditto – PA MULGRAVE – decided 6 Nov 1824

1824_8_28 = 28 Aug 1824 – Launceston – Info of Mary ROGERS housekeeper for Thomas GRADY and have lived at his house at Emu Plains about 5 months – last Wed. there was in the house a bed, 4 blankets, a pair of sheets, a bolster, a pillow, a quilt, a table, and one iron pot some wearing apparel and a pocket book tied up in a bundle – I went to get bucket of water – returning saw 3 men running up to the door – one Donald MCDONALD – came up to me when I had hold of the door frame, seized me by the throat pulled me from the door and threw me upon my face on the ground and said you bloody whore you shall not go into the house again. I endeavoured to rise from the ground he endeavoured to prevent me; whilst we were struggling one of his servants I believe Edward MURPHY went into the House and took up GRADYs musket that was standing in the house and said never mind her now master, I have got the musket if she comes in I will give her the contents of this, he had the musket in his hand when he said this. MCDONALD went into the House and shut the door, MCDONALD then threw out of the window the Bed and bedding some meat and sevral other articles GRADYs property another Government man of MCDONALDs then came up and went into the House MCDONALD told him to look up GRADYs things and take care of them for he had got possession of the House and would keep it, I then went to Major MCLEODs and informed Thomas GRADY what has occurred. Mary ROGERS (her X mark) – PA MULGRAVE


List of articles in Thomas GRADYs house when I left it:

One bed, four blankets, one pair sheets, one pillow, one quilt, seven gowns, four shifts, six pair stockings, one shawl, six aprons, six women’s caps, two handkerchiefs, three shirt, one duck frock, two waistcoats, two pair trowsers, one jackets, five bags, fifty four eggs, one silver dollar, one dollar bill on Mr SIMPSON, three pounds of soap, six pounds of sugar, ¾ lb tea, 21 lb pork, 1 tin tea pot, 1 white bason (sic), 5 cups and 5 saucers, 6 mugs, 2 dishes, 1 baking dish, 6 knives and 9 forks, 3 iron spoons, 1 brass candlestick, I Italian iron, and two heaters, 2 flat irons, 2 washing tubs, 1 buckets, 2 iron pots, 1 table, 7 plates, 1 axe, 1 bullock chain, 1 tomahawk, 1 musket, 3 lb shot, 33 fowls, 1 pig, 1 rope, 1 door lock, 1 bag containing iron and nails, 1 set of shoemakers tools – Mary ROGERS (her X mark) – decided Decr 1824



SEPT 1824


1824_9_10 = 10 Sept 1824 – Trafalgar – present James COX and Andrew BARCLAY Esq JPs – Thomas GALLAGHER free by servitude charged with stealing sundry articles the property of John DOOLEY from the late dwelling house of his master Mr Robert KEAT HILL – Thomas DOOLEY assigned servant of Mr L K HILL saith I reside in a house called THE WHITE HOUSE lately occupied by my master lat Sat. Thomas GALLAGHER came said he was engaged to do some fencing for Major MCLEOD and was waiting for a cart to take provisions – Thomas GALLAGHER remained with me overnight – some days – GALLAGHER brought ½ gallon of rum agreed to swap for some boots – next day I missed some bleu cloth trowsers, one dark canleved ? cloath waistcoat, the boots, one quart bottle of spirits – Mathew? KIRK ? informed me this morning he saw GALLAGHER take our of his Knapsack twoers/waistcoat same description – Monday night I slept with Mr THOMAss men – Tuesday my things were all right – John DOLLEY (his X mark) Thomas GALLAGHER is committed to jail for further examination – James COX and Andrew BARCLAY Esq JPs (signatures) – decided 6 Nov 1824

1824_9_16 = 16 Sept 1824 – Launceston – examination of John REARDON – I am a stockman to Mr LETTE and free by servitude – pm 3 sept I was passing from Major MCLEOD to my masters farm when I met the prisoner FOREMAN about ¼ mi from Major MCLEODs – FOREMAN was driving sheep – he was about a pistol shot from me – I hollowed to him – he did not answer – Sheep with neck broken – there was a pitchmark on the neck of the sheep I did not know MCLEODS mark – I have not seen wild dogs – I told my master – I never had any different with eth prisoner – John REARDON (his X mark) – MCLEOD vs FOREMAN


Edward DRYDEN sworn saith – I am overseer to Donald MCLEOD esq – last Sat I met prisoner FOREMAN who is a shepherd in my master’s service along with sheet in his charge – DRYDEN said sheep’s neck not broken but natural death – FOREMAN didn’t report to DRYDEN dead sheep it was his duty – Edward DRYDEN (signature) – decided Oct 1824

Sept 1824 – Launceston – info of William BERRY a Corporal in His Majestys 3rd Regiment or BUFFS – I heard some shoes were stolen from His Majesty’s store – inquired of Isaac HYDE a miller if he had bought or sold any shoes – he said he had not – yesterday I went to house of man named ABEL near Launceston who told me that last Tuesday he had purchased 2 pair of shoes of Isaac HYDE and one of his men another pair for which ABEL paid HYDE three bushels of wheat – Sat morn I went to Public House kept by Alexander STEWART who informed me had had purchased six pair of shoes from a Private Soldier named SMITH that he had given $1 per pair for them – I saw 4 pair of the shoes – they are the same sort as those in a barrel at the store which appears to have been broken open and plundered – Mr STEWART said he had sold 2 pairs he gave up all the shoes in his possession without any hesitation – William BERRY (signature) – PA MULGRAVE


Examination of Isaac HYDE – says a Soldier, a private in his Majesty’s 3rd Regiment or Buffs came to my house a fortnight since and shewed me two pairs of shoes which I bought of him for two dollars – last wed – two more pairs – he said the shoes had been issued for a party who had been absent in the Bush – I sold 3 pr to a man named ABEL near Launceston for 3 bushels of wheat valued at ten shillings per bushel – Isaac HYDE (signature) – PA MULGRAVE


Exam of Constable Thomas JOHNSON – sat last I searched house of Isaac HYDE – he said he had not bartered nor bought any shoes whatsoever – I told him Mr STEWART the innkeeper had bought some shoes – Thomas JOHNSON (signed Thos Jhonson) – PA MULGRAVE

1824_9_22 = 22 September 1824 – Launceston – info of William ABEL – I am a farmer and live within about a mile from Launceston – Monday 13th I bought a pair of shoes of Isaaac HYDE – I paid him a bushel of wheat – HYDE came later left 2 more pair with ABELs wife – William ABEL (his mark) – PA MULGRAVE

1824_9_18 – 18 Sept 1824 – Launceston – Info of John SINCLAIR – I am Superintendent of Convicts at Launceston – found 29 pr of shoes missing from cask – I gave no order for cask to be open – John SINCLAIR (signature) – TC SIMPSON (signature)

1824_9_29 = 29 Sept 1824 – Launceston – “Copied from the Police Records of 29 Sept” – James STEEL sworn saith about 4th inst I delivered the prisoner 96 lb of pork from His Majesty’s store for his then master MCNAB.


John COLLETT assigned servant to Dr MCNAB being sworn saith about 3 weeks ago the prisoner brought some pork to my master’s house – weighed 84 lb – John COLLETT (his X mark)

1824_9_30 = 30 Sept 1824 – Launceston – Info and complaint of James JORDAN – settler at Norfolk Plains – about 12 months ago Henry PIZZEY engaged me to plough and Harrow a quantity of land upon his farm at Norfolk Plains for which labour the said PIZZEY has paid me except a balance of £8 4 sh or twenty and a half bushels of wheat – he said on one occasion he has given me all he intended to give me and positively refused to pay me the wheat or the money due – James JORDAN –(signature Jas JORDEN) – PA MULGRAVE – doc rear – Referred to the court of requests – VALLONS for the bench


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